Small business owner Laura, founded Sisu Pancakes LTD back in 2019. As a child, she had always wanted an alternative to traditional sponge cakes and could never find anything exciting on offer in the local supermarkets.


Laura has always been obsessed with pancakes and often asked her mother for a pancake cake for her birthday however, she had to settle with crepes and Nutella drizzle for breakfast instead.


Whilst enjoying a long 13-year career within the corporate Aviation world she would often dabble in making pancake cakes for friends and family. She decided to set up SISU Pancakes Ltd whilst on maternity leave with her second son and began to bake from her home kitchen whilst selling to the public offering them a variety of pancake slices.

Fast forward 3 years and SISU is a flourishing small business with 5 members of staff, in early May 2021 she published her first pancake recipe book which proved very popular offering her expertise to her loyal pancake customers. Laura opened up her first luxury pancake cake patisserie in the heart of Cheltenham which also offers whole cakes and American dry mixes. The SISU team make fresh pancake slices every day and there is 0 freezing within their processes which make their product one of a kind and unique. They also offer weekly exclusive flavours and monthly events so there is always something exciting happening!


Laura has since been awarded  ‘The most innovative bespoke pancake company award’ by Acquisition- International along with being featured on ITV West Midlands news.